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Help & Info about Papers, Please for windows

  • Is this the full version of the Papers Please game?

    The full version of the game costs money, whereas this is a free preview of the game. This game download gives you a taste of what the game is like, and it is fairly similar to the full game despite the fact that this file is part of the developer’s beta test. The game doesn't have levels, it has virtual working days that last around five minutes each. In this preview, you are allowed to work for nine virtual game days, which gives you a nice taste of what the game is all about.
  • Are the graphics temporary or are have they been upgraded?

    The graphics are very pixelated, flat and ugly, and that is intentional. The developers intentionally went for a very drab and retro look and sound to their game.
  • Why can’t I see what people are carrying?

    The retro graphics can make it difficult for you to see if there is something attached to an immigrant’s leg. In fact, it is sometimes tricky to see if the character is male or female. It seems unfair, but the developers wanted to make the job tricky for you in the same way that it may be tricky for a real immigration officer.
  • Can my family starve to death or become ill in the game?

    If you fail repeatedly at your job and you get fines and/or you do not bring home enough money while working as an immigration officer, then your family becomes ill and starts to starve. However, you cannot lose the game within this preview because it takes around two to three weeks for your family to die in the real game and you are only allowed to play for nine days in this preview of the game.
  • How do I change the spoken language to English?

    The characters in the game are supposed to speak Russian because the game is set in Russia during the Soviet era. However, the characters are not talking Russian, or English, or any language. The characters are actually barking out gibberish with retro 8bit chirping sounds.
  • Are there any features missing from this version and from the full paid version?

    Despite the fact that this is a free preview of the game, there are no features missing. If you play the full paid game for nine of its gaming days, then you experience the same thing you experience with this game. In the full game, the additional gaming mechanics start to kick in after week two, four, six, and so forth.
  • Is it possible to buy the game through this download?

    It is not possible to buy the game through this download directly. If you get through nine gaming days of the preview and you complete all that there is to complete, then it does give you a link to a website where you may buy the full game.
  • Why is this the only free preview of Papers Please on the Internet?

    The developers (Lucas Pope) haven't created free trial version of their paid game, but prior to its alpha release they let out a bunch of beta previews of the game, and this is one of the free beta previews.
  • Does this beta version of the game have bugs or features missing?

    The preview you are about to download is indistinguishable from the full paid game with the exception that this preview doesn't allow you to play all the way through to the end of the game. There are no noticeable bugs in this Papers Please preview.
  • If this is a real game, then why is the file size so low?

    Even the full paid version of the game has a very low file size. This is because the game is a 2D game with very low resolution (pixilated graphics), and the sound files are all in 8bit sound. The full game takes up very little space on your device, and this is only a fraction of the full game, which is why it is only 12.86mb in size. The full game may be purchased at, which is a website that sells old games and modern indie games.


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