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A unique role-playing game!

Papers, Please is a fun and interesting game, which requires you to play the role of an immigration inspector. Your role is to ensure everyone passing through the country’s border has clean and proper papers. Moreover, you need to follow an evolving set of immigration laws, making tough choices to let people through the border. In the game, you play a citizen of a Soviet-style country.

A good simulator focusing on hard choices!

Papers, Please acts like a simulator, allowing you to work as an immigration officer on the border of a fictional country. As the main player, you need to check people’s documents, interrogate applicants, consider potential issues, and decide whether to let families, children, and individuals in the country or not.

There are various fictional cities and towns, such as Arstotzka, Grestin, and Kolechia. Your character doesn’t earn much and often gets punished financially for mistakes at work. As the game progresses, the immigration process gets more complicated, with smugglers trying to sneak in objects, and families wanting to enter the country.

With several mature themes in this role-playing game, unlike Undertale and Garry’s Mod, you’re forced to make various ethical decisions. Over time, these can have drastic consequences on the lives of others. Your choices can lead to violence, poverty, arrests, and deaths.

How to play Papers, Please?

Papers, Please is the perfect combination of curiosity, efficiency, and decision-making. As the immigration officer of a fictional, communist nation in 1982, you need to vet the returning natives and foreigners looking to cross the border. In order to accomplish your goal, you need to scrutinize hordes of documents for inconsistencies, such as faked IDs, expired forms, etc. You also need to use fingerprint systems to check people’s authenticity.

With a focus on the Cold War, you need to keep the border town protected from spies, war criminals, and other anti-social elements. In this RPG, strategy game, you get pride from catching people who’re trying to illegally enter the country. The popular Windows game keeps boredom at bay by introducing several incentives for breaking the rules.

Throughout the game, numerous checkpoint guards try to slip you some extra money for detaining more people. Similarly, smugglers may want to give you a share of the pie for letting them through. A father without an entry form could ask you to allow entry into the country. Such difficult decisions make it hard to keep up with the game’s pace, while you try to shuffle between being the good guy and the bad guy.

Over time, numerous plots emerge from factions and characters that test your loyalty, empathy, and compassion. At every point in the game, you need to consider the well-being of your family, who depend on your earnings for survival. Each day on the job terminates with a score, which defines your penalties, earnings, expenses, and bribes.

Along with your better half, you need to pay for heat, rent, medicine, and food, all of which cost money. Without taking bribes, your character can’t afford to pay for everything. As such, you need to go with the flow, keep a check on immigrants, and extort money from travelers trying to enter the state.

Does Papers, Please have an engaging storyline?

Like the Escapists and 60 Seconds!, Papers, Please comes with an engaging storyline. In the ‘Story’ mode, you need to do a lot more than just paperwork. With several other officers by your side, there are plenty of moral decisions testing your limits. You may need to separate visitors from one another, play a soft-hearted employee, or deny entry to throngs of tourists in one go.

Whenever you commit a mistake, you need to pay a penalty to the Ministry of Admission. Over time, this means you have less money for medicine, food, and heat. In order to keep your family alive, tough choices need to be made, and people can get hurt. In search of food and money, you’re always on your toes, trying to do what’s best for your loved ones.

Over time, the storyline gets more dangerous, with both foreign and local threats, corruption, bribery, and the opportunity to abuse your stamps for other causes. In order to protect yourself, this strategy game requires you to remain cautious throughout the adventure and doesn’t leave much scope for mercy.

Is there another game mode in Papers, Please?

Once the ‘Story’ mode is over, you can try the ‘Endless’ version. It’s an interesting choice but turns out to be less enjoyable with fewer surprises. In this version, you can try different modes, such as ‘Timed’, ‘Endurance’, and ‘Perfection’. The ‘Endless’ version of the game acts like World of Warships and other titles that require you to focus on a fixed storyline.

When you’re playing the ‘Story’ mode, it’s easier to notice people’s characteristics to avoid mistakes, even as the institution prepares and trains your character. In the ‘Endless’ version, everyone is just a random number with a face, and the lack of training leads to raw data processing.

Papers, Please is a beautifully executed gaming adventure. Once you start playing the game, it doesn’t take much time to get over the tedious job of checking papers and stamping passwords. Set around the Cold War era, this game requires you to make various tough choices, leading to hard-hitting realities in a simulation-style setting.

An interesting game for Windows PCs!

While playing Papers, Please, you need to understand that the game doesn’t focus on modern-day graphics or sounds. Instead, it relies on the art of storytelling and game mechanics to ensure a fun and interesting release. Papers, Please is a game that makes you think, and allows you to introspect certain choices and ideologies. If you’re up for such an adventure, it will be an excellent choice.


  • Unique perspective
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Well-written storyline
  • Fun and interesting


  • Outdated graphics
  • Repetitive sounds

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Papers, Please for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.2.76
  • 3.5
  • (3662)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Papers, Please

  • Ellena

    by Ellena

    Please add black border game that is modern papers please for Android! search on play store black border

  • Aaron Shreves Jr.

    by Aaron Shreves Jr.

    yes I recommend it but I won't tell u y because honestly I don't y myself

  • TheEpicGamer Alex

    by TheEpicGamer Alex

    Good quality and good graphics. great quality passports. I recommend people playing it because the quality of the game is good.

  • Xnores

    by Xnores

    Yes it certainly does work, however its only in beta. So its not the full game. But overall its still okay.

  • doge rules

    by doge rules

    It was very fun in the time that I played it, though it said it was in beta

  • Luke Daniel Hizon

    by Luke Daniel Hizon

    like to stamp it a great game being a inspector is really not that bad even tho lot of bad guys trying to tear the border


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